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From the beginning, Blue Ocean Press has proactively been GREEN BY CHOICETM. Over the last 30+ years, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars on solutions to help reduce the toll our services take on the environment. Our non-stop commitment to internally help our environment includes:


  • After a print job is completed, we wash out our presses. The sludge that is technically considered, "chemical/hazardous waste" is deposited into our chemical waste-reclaiming machine. After a few hours, the machine can clean and separate the water from the reusable ink parts by basically pressure-cooking the waste. Instead of gallons of waste, it condenses the waste into the size of a golf ball and allows us to reuse the ink parts and dispose of the water.
  • Spending thousands of dollars to re-locate our compressors and all other equipment that produces heat from the presses into a non air-conditioned space, so we do not spend natural resources trying to cool the compressors and the heat factor is eliminated.
  • Our 30,000 square foot facility is ventilated and cooled by the most efficient and technologically advanced systems that are eco friendly, giving us independence from a reliance on electricity to cool our warehouse and production areas.
  • We recycle all of our waste paper.
  • We own two Sprinter delivery vans that get 20+ miles to a gallon of diesel.
  • We are direct to plate and use process-less plates. This means that we don't have film or plate processors or the related chemicals to dispose of.
  • We constantly monitor in house mistakes and reduce errors. Each mistake wastes more natural resources than any other efforts you make to conserve them. Due to our consistent quality standards, we waste less, thereby conserving more.